Rainhill is a village that dates back to Anglo-Saxon times. Rainhill's name is believed to be derived from Regna, an Old English personal name. This would have been a settler who built the small settlement at the top of the Mersey.

In 1190, Richard de Eccleston gave to Alan the Clerk his brother the vill de Raynhull. Rainhill was an agricultural community that existed in the Middle Ages. Little else is known about its life. Two medieval stone crosses with their bases still stand in Rainhill. Early records show that Henry Thomas, a weaver, lived in the village in 1635. Edward Halsall, a Blacksmith, was there in 1662. Bartholomew Bretherton was a well-known stagecoach owner and made his home in the village at Loyola Hall. This retreat house was occupied by the Society of Jesus, an order of Roman Catholic Priests. The entire parish of Rainhill was owned by the Bretherton family in 1881.

Rainhill's history was dominated by two events. The first was the construction of the turnpike route from Liverpool to Warrington, which ran through the village in the middle of the eighteenth century. The famous trials of the railway locomotive took place in the village in 1829.



Knowsley is a metropolitan borough in Merseyside. It is located just east of Liverpool and is in the historic county of Lancashire. Knowsley is the name of Knowsley, which was the seat of Derby's Earls and the home of the Stanley family since the 14th century.

​Except for Prescot, an important watchmaking center in the 18th Century, the majority of industrial development in Knowsley occurred during the 20th century. Huyton-with-Roby was a Liverpool suburb that grew quickly between 1930 and 1950. Kirkby was developed in 1952 when Liverpool built a new town on an industrial estate. Knowsley and Halewood have also seen suburban housing development. In 1960, Halewood was chosen to be the location of a new automobile factory. It was then one of the largest industrial complexes in the world. The borough also has a major industry: Prescot manufactures electrical cables, as well as a variety of engineering and food industries. A part of Knowsley estate now houses a safari park for wild animals.

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